Kerry Schimenti

Kerry Schimenti

Kerry is a Research Associate.  Her main job is to give the boss grief.  Otherwise, she works on various projects, primarily related to genetics of infertility. The pic is blurry because she never stays still.

Jordana Bloom

J. Bloom-lab website photo.jpg

Jordana is a grad student in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology.  She is studying DNA damage response mechanisms in primordial germ cells.

Tina Tran


Tina is a grad student in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology.  She is studying human infertility mutations in mice, and also meiotic gene regulation.  She likes cats.

Adrian McNairn

Adrian McNairn

Adrian is a postdoc working on why deficiency for the MCM replication proteins causes gender bias (preferential female lethality) during development. It appears to be a result of inflammation caused by the SASP response.

Priti Singh


Priti is a postdoctoral fellow who is modeling human infertility alleles in mice using CRISPRs in mice.



Vera Rinaldi is a grad student in Comparative Biomedical Sciences. She is working on the meiosis DNA damage response in oocytes. She is from Brazil and appears to like ice cream.

Christian Abratte

Christian Abratte

Chris is a Research Technician. He runs Cornell's iPS Core

Nithya Kartha


Nithya is a grad student in Genetics, Genomics & Development.  She is working on the Chaos3 breast cancer model, trying to determine the role of Arid1a in driving mammary tumorigenesis.  She is trying to cure breast cancer.

Robert (Yams) Yamulla


Robert is a grad student in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology.  He is trying to identify ovarian cancer driver genes and the originating ovarian cells that get transformed.  He likes flying drones, dogs, and pretty much all outdoor activities.



Rob is a Research Associate.  He runs the lab. He also is a microinjectionist for Cornell’s transgenic mouse facility. If you want something from the Schimenti lab, contact him.

Marquita Winters

Marquita is a graduate student in Genetics, Genomics and Development.  She is working on a mouse model of breast cancer.  She’s from Chicago, but doesn’t care about the Cubs.

Xinbao Deng

Xinbao is a postdoctoral fellow.  He is working on differentiating ES cells into gametes, so that we can try and speed up reproductive genetic studies (and drive down mouse housing expenditures).

Minli Yu

Minli is a visiting scientist from China.  She is interested in cytosine methylation during primordial germ cell development.

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